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An action plan to address domestic violence against women in Scotland which includes measures to teach school children the significance of consent and healthy relationships is to be expanded.

The Equally Safe strategy was launched last year and hinged on the idea of tackling perpetrators and intervening early to stop violence and maximise the safety and wellbeing of women and children.

The Scottish government has drawn attention to actions taken and schemes to be expanded as part of a United Nations campaign of 16 days of activism around violence against women.

The Caledonian Programme that works with men convicted of domestic abuse-related offences is to be extended to help cut re-offending and the Rape Crisis Sexual Violence Prevention Programme will also be rolled out in more schools.

This comes after it was announced specialist rape and sexual abuse support services will receive a £800,000, or 10 per cent, boost to help more victims across England and Wales earlier this month.

“The UN campaign provides an opportunity to focus on violence against women and girls, which remains a very real problem in societies across the world,” equalities minister Christina McKelvie, said.


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