Our #YOYP Equality Collective meeting took place last Friday at the Scottish Parliament.  Thanks to Ewan from the Scottish Parliament Outreach Team, the planning group was lucky to have a quick visit of Holyrood in the quiet after hours before settling in the committee room to plan the next Equality Collective event.

The discussions covered the barriers faced by different equality groups, the stigma around accessing services and ideas for long-term solutions that can deal with root causes. A key point we discussed was important for young people to have the confidence and know-how for addressing mental health positively and as early as possible.

We will develop this theme at the next Equality Collective event on Saturday 15 December, with both information services and also a consultation exercise asking young people what this could this look like, for example, a one-stop shop, a guide, online portal or building on the ‘safe spaces’ concept. Watch this space for updates as we develop a young person-led ‘brain and stem’ approach to equality in Mental Health.


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The Equality Collective is the engagement arm of FCE acting as a driver for change.


Equality and Mental Health

Mental health is an area that spans across the protected characteristics such as ages, disabilities, genders, racial and cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs and sexual orientations. Those characteristics give rise to alternative ways of perceiving, thinking and acting that can increase and enrich our understanding of mental health and recovery.

One of the possible outcomes from the December event is to gain better understandings of the common root causes and enabling young people to take the lead in tackling those.

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