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Jewish and Muslim community leaders have joined forces in a “landmark” challenge to hate crime in Scotland.

The Muslim Council of Scotland and the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities said they were determined to address Islamophobia and anti-Semitism.

They have published a list of aims that includes challenging hate online and prejudicial reporting by the media.

The Scottish government is currently reviewing hate crime legislation in Scotland.

The two faith groups said they wanted to help shape future laws on the issue and have unveiled a “communique” which also sets out plans for a Muslim/Jewish Women’s Network and calls for a “culturally sensitive” and “faith specific” social care service.

The statement adds: “We stand together determined to end the hatred and extremism that affects us all.

“It was hatred and extremism that led to the murder of 11 members of the Jewish community in Pittsburgh in the United States and the terror attack on the Finsbury Park Mosque in London.

“There have been Islamophobic and anti-Semitic attacks on mosques and synagogues here at home, and we should never be blind to the fact that racism, intolerance and prejudice exists in Scotland.”

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