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A charity is calling for a national campaign to promote the benefits of employing staff with learning disabilities as only 10% of adults are in work

A national campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of learning disabled employees is necessary to tackle shockingly high unemployment rates.

With just 7% of learning disabled adults in jobs in Scotland, a new report is calling for clear government action and funding.

The Scottish Commission for Learning Disability (SCLD) employment task group has spent two years exploring the barriers that prevent adults with learning disabilities from finding and keeping jobs. It has found that when learning disabled adults are given an opportunity, they are very often are committed and loyal employees.

As a result, it has now published a report calling for a nation awareness raising campaign to overcome the low expectations held by parents, schools, colleges and employers.

It is also calling on the government to make better use of existing funding to tackle the issue.

With more than 90% out of work compared to 55% of people with other disabilities and 25% of the whole population, adults with learning disabilities are more likely to live in poverty. The report states more than half of adults with learning disabilities live in the 40% most deprived areas of Scotland.



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