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In 2018, Scotland came together to celebrate its younger generation.

The Year of Young People (YoYP) inspired the whole country to look at eight to 26 year olds in a more open, positive way – celebrating their achievements, valuing their contributions and giving them an opportunity to influence decision making.

In a year dominated by political uncertainty, young people were the positive force in making change happen.

More than 2,000 young people were at the heart of it, and planned a calendar of sporting, music and cultural events for all ages to enjoy.

A world-first initiative, Year of Young People was a commitment made by the Scottish Government.

Young people worked alongside decision makers to make sure they were involved in the creation of government policy.

This year, they established a Youth Commission which examines mental health services. They have had a greater say in their education with the creation of a Scottish Learner Panel, and held those in power to account with the launch of the First Minister’s Question Time for children and young people.


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