Every year, International Migrants Day is celebrated on 18 December.

The aim of this day is to recognise the journey that migrants take in order to achieve a better life and the opportunities that migration offer in terms of co-development, improving both economic and social conditions worldwide.

The attention on migrants worldwide has been increasing more and more each year, this brings with it a number of challenges in terms of human rights, politics and isolation. To overcome these challenges there needs to be coordinated and cooperative action by all nations.

The theme for this year’s day is “#WithDignity” – which looks at treating every migrant with the dignity they deserve before attempting to tackle any other objectives, paying them respect giving opportunities to participate, instead of isolate.

The United Nations have released a video which explores what a day without migrants might be like:

In Scotland migrants are crucial to the economy and society as a whole, with 80,468 people arriving and 56,613 leaving the country – these are huge numbers of people that make massive contributions to the economy, culture and identity of Scotland.

Nina Munday, Manager of Fife Centre for Equalities, adds:

“My father came to Glenrothes in 1970’s as a migrant, my mum and us joined him shortly after.  My father insisted that it was the right decision to migrate to Scotland because his children were able to access free education.  He was proud that my brother and I became first of many graduates in the extended family.

Like many migrants, my dad retrained himself and worked very hard in a sector that he knew nothing about when he first arrived, with limited employment rights.  His goal was to give his children an opportunity to have a better life.

50 years on, we see the same pattern where parents were willing to endure hardships as migrants so that their children could live in a safe environment and fulfil their full potentials.  Today, I ask you to remember the first generation of migrants and celebrate the contribution of all descendants of migrants at their adopted countries.”

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