Reported by iNews – A leading charity says many disabled people live in houses which do not meet their basic needs

Thousands of disabled people living in unsuitable homes across Scotland risk being “overlooked” by efforts to tackle homelessness, a report by a leading charity has warned.

Inclusion Scotland said many disabled people were living in houses which did not meet their basic needs, but that other “much more visible” forms of homelessness were taking precedence.

Official housing figures suggest that up to 61,000 households include a disabled person who cannot get up or down the stairs inside their own home.

Analysis of the Scottish House Condition Survey also suggests around 34,000 disabled people find it impossible or difficult to access their bath or shower, while 9,000 cannot get to their own toilet.

The charity says this means that many disabled people in Scotland meet the criteria for homelessness as set out in the 1987 Housing Act.

The legislation states that a person should be treated as homeless if it would not be “reasonable” to expect them to continue to occupy their existing accommodation.


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