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An Edinburgh father is angry parents of his sick son’s classmates are blocking the only way he can take part in lessons.

Keir Wallace suffers from a rare auto-inflammatory condition which means he often cannot leave his bed.

His father John bought a learning robot which would take his place in the class and beam the lessons back to him.

But despite reassurances on its security, his school is the only one in the world to ban use of the robot.

The AV1 unit was designed for children who were in hospital for a long time and wanted to continue to attend school from their hospital bed.

The patient at home has an app on their iPad where they control it completely.

Mr Wallace was given the go-ahead to trial the robot at St John’s RC School in Portobello in October 2017.

But it has never made it inside the school.

John told BBC Radio Scotland’s Mornings with Laura Maxwell: “There are 850 of these in use around the world and this is the only school in the world where there has been a complaint.

“A tiny minority of vocal parents complained. They said they never knew about the security of it.

“But they have been given the facts. This thing is so secure – It has a 128-bit encrypted video stream that is impossible to crack.

“But the parents don’t believe that.”



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