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Disability charity Leonard Cheshire has found that 71 per cent of workers with disabilities in Scotland say they have left a job due to a disability or health condition

NEW RESEARCH has revealed that workers with disabilities in Scotland face a “tough and unwelcoming employment landscape”, with 71 per cent saying that they have left employment due to their disability or health condition.

The new findings revealed by disability charity Leonard Cheshire today also showed that 66 per cent of managers argue the cost of workplace adjustments are a barrier to employing people with disabilities, 24 percent of UK employers admit they would be less likely to hire people with disabilities, and 17 percent of people who applied for a job in the past five years say the employer withdrew the job offer as a result of their disability.

The research also showed evidence of continuing attitudinal barriers to finding employment for workers with disabilities: 30 percent of people with disabilities who have applied for a job in the last five years felt the employer had not taken them seriously as a candidate. Furthermore, only 20 per cent of these applicants were informed of workplace adjustments that could support their disability, such as assistive technology or flexible working.

However, the findings also revealed that a fifth of employers claim they are more likely to employ someone with a disability. The research also shows an increased awareness amongst employers of the UK Government’s Access to Work scheme – up to 59 percent from 41 percent.

Despite this, only 14 percent of people with disabilities in Scotland currently receive or have previously received Access to Work support, with 69 percent of recipients waiting more than three months for their application to be approved. Leonard Cheshire is now calling on the UK Government to strengthen and promote the Access to Work scheme.



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