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A Glenrothes dancer is to feature on an episode of a six-part series on children in Scotland doing freestyle dancing.

The series, Mini Disco Divas, is a documentary focusing on young dancers from around Scotland, with local dancer Tiyan Shek starring in the third episode.

The series is being broadcast on the new BBC Scotland channel, and Tiyan’s episode is to be broadcast on Wednesday, March 13.

Tiyan trains studies at Fife Dance Dreams, and her mum, Euphene hopes the show will “reflect the passion, commitment and determination of Tiyan and many young kids contribute to their dancing”.

The show follows Tiyan as she competes to win a trophy.

The synopsis for the episode explains: “The focus is on Premier Champion Tiyan who, at 10 years old, is at the top of her game and, 10 year old Sarah, who has only been dancing for one year and is fast rising through the ranks.

“Premier Champion Tiyan survived heart surgery when she was just days old and has gone on to become a talented and dedicated freestyle dancer.

“Dance Mum Euphene bought and renovated a dance studio in Fife last year to help Tiyan and her big sister improve their dancing but competition is fierce at the top and this weekend Tiyan must produce her best to win a trophy.”


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