Michelle has been actively involved with our Fife Women and Inclusion in Politics programme and is one of the founders of Transgender Fife.

Below is her poem “The Lady in the Park, Walking”.

The Lady in the Park, Walking

Gracefully with a bounce, her head held assured

Gliding gently with a woman’s confidence

 Is she going somewhere? Going out perhaps?

You are but a Stranger. And can never know how much I admire you.

Your look, your hair, your clothes, your very person.

Bag on shoulder, Strap at an angle with all you need on-board

Perfume, purse, lippy and how many other feminine secrets?

Wholesome, strong,,,, still yet ,,,,pretty and gay.

The dog in my gut, begins to stir, from its slumber broken

And stalked by my shame I look away

As I hasten to close that door

Knowing that I can never be you….or like you….as beautiful as you.

Carrying with me my sorrow, for a life but half lived, I slip away.

No tears are seen to fall and no one would ever know

Of the man who cried in the park on this day