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The St Andrews Beach Wheelchairs service has been hugely popular since the launch at the start of the 2018 tourism season, with over one hundred bookings in the first summer of operation and customers travelling from all over Scotland to use the beach-friendly wheelchairs and enjoy the additional St Andrews tourism offering.

With the 2019 beach wheelchairs seasonal service planned for opening on 15th April, visitors with accessibility requirements will also benefit from the ability to download a new Accessibility Destination App which will list businesses, venues and attractions that offer accessible facilities in St Andrews and throughout North East Fife. The “Scotland’s Accessible Beaches” App will be free to download and will provide information on accessible facilities available at the listed locations including their contact and locational details.

“We want to create an accessible tourism destination of St Andrews and North East Fife through the Beach Wheelchairs service, but the wheelchairs are just the beginning of the journey in working towards an accessible town and surrounding tourism area. The new App will bring us closer to this, as users will not only be able to book the St Andrews Beach Wheelchairs but also view restaurants, accommodation and other points of interest, all with good information regarding accessible facilities, in and around this beautiful part of Scotland. We are interested to hear from any businesses and organisations in the area who wish to be listed on the App.”

The launch of the new Scotland’s Accessible Beaches App coincided with Disabled Access Day on Saturday 16th March and, as part of the Disabled Access Day celebrations, St Andrews Castle hosted the St Andrews Beach wheelchairs at the historic attraction for visitors to use.


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