Key Themes:
Welfare Reform, Poverty, Universal Credit, Equality Act 2010, Protected Characteristics, Challenge Poverty Week, Fairer Fife

Fife Centre for Equalities in partnership with Fife Council will soon undertake investigative research to better understand the barriers experienced by communities of protected characteristics that are affected by poverty in Fife.

The research aims to deepen practitioners’ understanding of multiple barriers experienced by people in their day to day living and also help to ensure that the most vulnerable to poverty are not further disadvantaged because of their protected characteristics.

The project is likely to include:

  • A short literature review of recent (post financial crisis / austerity: 2008 to now) research on the experiences of poverty for people with protected characteristics;
  • Scoping the organisations operating in Fife which are working with people who are experiencing poverty; with a breakdown of their service users by protected characteristics;
  • Organising and leading on focus groups, spread across Fife’s localities to record experiences of people with protected characteristics currently experiencing poverty

If you are interested in taking part in the focus groups or share any personal experiences with us please do not hesitate to contact us.