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A photography exhibition in Fife explores forms of violence against women that are still misunderstood, hidden and not acknowledged by mainstream society.

Supported by Fife Council and the Fife Violence Against Women Partnership, Violence Unseen is currently at Rosyth Library and moves to the Lochgelly Centre on April 16 before being stationed in Kirkcaldy Town House from April 30 to May 10.

Some of the content in the exhibition deals with sexual violence, abuse and exploitation, which some people might find upsetting, but organisers hope as many as possible will take the time to look at the issues affecting modern women.

The images have been captured by award-winning photographer Alicia Bruce.

Sheila Noble, co-ordinator of the Fife Violence Against Women Partnership, said: “Over the past decades there have been dramatic changes to public attitudes around some aspects of men’s violence against women.

“However, domestic abuse, sexual violence and other forms of violence against women are still prevalent in Scotland today, especially for groups of women who face other forms of discrimination – women with learning disabilities, women who sell sex, lesbian, bisexual and trans, and black and minority ethnic women.


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