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The gender pay gap across Tayside and Fife has been laid bare with the majority of companies showing a disparity between the wages for men and women.

The worst offender in the region is Perth-based SSE with a pay gap of 34.2%, while both Bosch UK and Velux in Glenrothes have reported a 32% difference in figures sent to the UK Government.

Former cabinet secretary for fair work, SNP MSP Roseanna Cunningham, slammed companies reporting a gender pay gap as “not acceptable” though she said she was “not surprised” by the figures.

The local authority of Perth and Kinross were the worst in Tayside in terms of pay disparity with 75% of companies reporting a pay gap – an 8.3% increase on last year.

Both Fife and Dundee reported a drop in the number of companies showing a gender pay disparity, with the former down 2.1% to 60% and the latter improving by 27.3% to 45.5%.

The picture is slightly better in Angus where 33.3% of companies reported a gender pay disparity, a 33.3% improvement from the year before.

The worst performing company in Angus, Don & Low Limited, also only showed a pay gap of 7.9% between men and women – much lower than Dundee’s worst performer Thorntons Law LLP at 29%, and major employers elsewhere in the region.

A spokesperson for SSE said: “Since 2017, SSE has been working very closely with inclusion specialists Equal Approach to design and implement an approach which will not only help to close its gender pay gap, but which will make SSE a more inclusive organisation overall too.


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