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Fifers are being urged to open up about their mental health at a new service being opened in Kirkcaldy. LESS than a third of women with a learning disability in Glasgow were given a life-saving test for cervical cancer last year, figures show.

Linton Lane Centre in the town will be the home to the SAM’s cafe.

It will allow people to seek advice and information from support workers and people who have had mental health problems.

Julie Paterson, Divisional General Manager at Fife Health and Social Care Partnership commented: “The implementation of Scotland’s National Mental Health Strategy 2017-2027 has provided additional funds for mental health support including peer and support workers.

“We have made a real commitment in Fife to look at innovative ways to support people, at the right time and in the right place.

“SAM’s café aims to do this and will ensure that support extends to weekends and out of hours.

“The café is part of the community, all are welcome and if people need some additional support, it will be provided by people who know exactly what that feels like.”


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