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Tens of thousands of disabled Scots lack access to suitable housing as Scotland lags behind other parts of the UK

THE Scottish Trade Union Congress (STUC) has demanded “urgent action” from local authorities to tackle the shortage in accessible housing.

The call at the annual conference in Dundee comes after new figures showed Scotland lags behind other parts of the UK, both in terms of the construction of new accessible housing, and the provision of funds for the changing of existing housing stock to meet the requirements of residents.

Robert Mooney, STUC’s Disabled Workers Committee, said: “At STUC Congress today [16 April], we passed a motion calling for urgent action to improve access to accessible housing for disabled people. I am glad that we can support Inclusion Scotland’s work on accessible homes.

“It is a disgrace that, for many disabled people, their right to independent living is not being met and one major reason for this is a lack of affordable, accessible housing.  Some people have gone into hospital and are then stuck there because accessible accommodation can’t be found for them or their current home isn’t adjusted.

“This chronic shortage, exacerbated by years of austerity and budget cuts, has to end. The STUC is committed to working alongside other organisations to ensure that the homes of our future are fit for everyone.”

The right to independent living for disabled people is a human right under the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and disabled people’s organisations in Scotland have long demanded that this is at the heart of government policy.



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