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A bid for funding to create disabled access for commuters at Burntisland train station has been rejected for a second time.

Residents backed by local politicians have been campaigning for the last decade for cash to improve accessibility to the north bound platform.

Currently, the northbound platform is only accessable by steps which forces passengers with disabilities or restricted mobility to stay on the train to Kirkcaldy and then make the journey back in order to successfully alight the train on the southbound platform.

However, the Department for Transport announced this week that Burntisland had not been selected as one of 73 station that will be upgraded in the next five years.

The news was described as “extremely disappointing” by Kirkcaldy MSP David Torrance,

Mr Torrance said: “I am extremely disappointed by the news that Burntisland was not selected by the UK Government for this round of Access for All funding.

“I know how hard the community has been fighting for this and I feel for the residents of Burntisland who will have to continue stopping at nearby accessible stations or using alternative transport as their station is not adequate.



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