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Two in three older LGBT+ people have faced discrimination or abuse in the healthcare system, discouraging them from seeking treatment.

The finding is part of a review of existing research commissioned by PinkNews Media Group ahead of its first-ever Ageing Summit to identify key issues relevant to older LGBT+ people in areas such as healthcare, social care, housing and financial services.


The summit, held on Tuesday (May 14) in London, will use the findings and recommendations of the review carried out by Aegon to form the basis of its discussion on issues facing older LGBT+ people—broadly understood to be those aged 50+.

Research has shown that, as well as encountering discrimination in healthcare, older LGBT+ people also face prejudice in residential, nursing and assisted care, leading them to either hide their sexuality or discard those options for their care.

Adding to the list of issues is the lack of housing projects catering to older LGBT+ people—the Manchester City Council’s plans to create the UK’s first retirement community for LGBT+ people, announced in 2017, have yet to materialise.

The review also found a lack of research focusing on the financial services needs of older LGBT+ people as well as lack of detailed understanding of the needs of specific segments of the elderly LGBT+ population, as research predominantly focuses on the experiences of “white, middle-class, well-educated, urban men who actively participate in the gay community.”





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