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The burning question – answered by six senior female business figures

Hilary Roberts, CEO, HRC Recruitment

NO – Finance is improving for female-owned start-ups but it’s still lagging behind. It was particularly disappointing to see so many businesses acknowledging bigger gender pay gaps in the second round of reporting, despite all the press surrounding the issue.

While Glasgow City Council has had to address the issue because female workers went on strike, I think pay transparency is the way forward in order to attract talent and create a more equal playing field for all.

Alison Woods, partner and employment specialist, CMS

NO – While annual gender pay gap reporting shows progress, there are still many employers with a long way to travel in terms of implementing real cultural change over gender inequality. Significant numbers of women continuing to experience pregnancy-related discrimination in the workplace reminds us how much more needs to be done.

Gender inequality is not the only diversity issue but it is one that affects everybody and numerous studies show that achieving a fair balance benefits businesses. To ensure we continue to make progress will require a sustained, long term focus from all employers.

Jo Armstrong, IoD Fellow

MAYBE – While initiatives like 50/50 by 2020 and gender pay gap transparency certainly bring more equality, workplace diversity is equally important. As a member of several boards, diversity of skills, thought, background, ability and ethnicity – irrespective of gender – challenge organisations to move beyond the status quo that they are so used to. If businesses focus more on this than being caught up in gender politics, there will be much more room to grow.





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