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Campaigners are hailing the new law making it illegal to control and coerce a partner in Scotland after police secured their first conviction.

Scottish Women’s Aid say the legislation should be the world’s new gold standard, after a man was charged with domestic abuse for making harassing calls to his ex-wife.

The law change, which came into effect last month, makes it an offence to subject a partner to psychological or emotional abuse.

Chief Executive of Scottish Women’s Aid Dr Marsha Scott said:

“I am thrilled to see the really positive indications that the implementation of our new domestic abuse law in Scotland is going forward and getting results much quicker than we had even hoped for.

“The new law in Scotland – which has been called the world’s new gold standard – does a number of really important things.

“The first thing to note is that it’s a course of conduct offence that criminalises a pattern of behaviour rather than a single incident or event.

“It’s a course of conduct that involves multiple tactics by abusers to control women and children.

“Another thing is that it criminalises coercive and controlling behaviours – what we might commonly call psychological or emotional abuse.

“That’s a really innovative step forward and it reflects what women and children have been telling us for forty years—that psychological abuse is the most traumatic, lasts the longest, and is the hardest to recover from.

“So, the fact that we have a conviction already under this new law is extremely encouraging.


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