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A Jordanian medical student’s placement to NHS Fife’s Urology Department has helped her in her bid to become only the second female urologist in her home country.

Nepal Abu Naser (24), who is in her final year of medical school, has spent a month with the department, gaining important clinical experience in theatres, clinics and wards.

She said: “Urology is a specialty I have always been interested in.

“Back home we are not familiar with females being urologists. There is currently only one female urologist in the whole of Jordan.

“Coming to Fife has been very helpful for me.

“I could have gone anywhere in the world for my placement but I liked the idea of Scotland and I’m very happy that I chose here.

“I have been very well supported in Fife and people have been very friendly.

“It is somewhere I could imagine coming back to work after graduating.”

Petros Tsafrakidis, NHS Fife consultant urological surgeon, said: “Students are full of enthusiasm and we want to share our enthusiasm with them.

“Whether that’s through helping them gain more clinical experience or seeing a different health system in action.

“We have been delighted to have had Nepal spend time with us and believe that it has been a good experience for her.

“We look forward to welcoming more students and helping them to further their medical studies in the future.”

The department has also recently welcomed final year urology trainees from Greece, in a link between NHS Fife and the Urology Association of Northern Greece.




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