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The Young Women Lead (YWL) project has said that schools need to take action to help young women participate

The factors which stop young women getting involved in sport have been highlighted by a project aimed at increasing women’s participation in politics.

The Young Women Lead (YWL) project is a leadership programme for women aged 30 and under and focuses on increasing political participation. This year, the group explored the barriers to getting involved in sport and physical activity including how this is provided at school and how societal pressures can affect young women’s attitudes.

The report found that the move from primary and secondary can see participation in sport decline rapidly and the YWL project is calling on the Scottish Government to introduce guidance for schools on how to involve young women and girls in the development of PE teaching/classes. This could include providing single cubicle changing rooms and making schools aware of the physical changes which may affect participation and confidence.

The report, which was features research done by the YWL participants, also explores the role of social media in encouraging young women to get involved with sport or physical activity. More than half (56%) of those surveyed cited body confidence as a barrier to participation, with many citing the images on social media channels. Now the group are calling on the Scottish Government to raise the issued with the UK Council for Internet Safety.

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