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A new changing space which supports children with complex disabilities has been installed in Aberdeen city centre cafe.

Aberdeen-based charity Charlie House officially unveiled the equipment at its Bon Accord Centre ReCHarge Cafe.

The new addition helps families of children with complex disabilities, who may need to use hoists and are unable to use standard disabled toilet facilities.

It allows parents and carers to support youngsters in clean and purpose-built conditions, which they may struggle to do in other cafes, especially as the children grow older.

The coffee shop was opened earlier this year, with 100% of the profits going towards the charity.

It runs on the model of paying what you believe the refreshments and service is worth.

Susan Crighton, director of fundraising at Charlie House, said: “We are thrilled to announce that the Changing Space in Recharge Cafe in the Bon Accord Centre Upper Mall is now open for use.

“This space includes a hydraulic changing bench and an all-room hoist to ensure a fully accessible changing space for all.

“The changing space will enable parent carers to change their children, who cannot use standard disabled toilet facilities due to their complex needs, in a safe manner and in a clean hygienic environment.

“Having a changing space in ReCharge Cafe will ensure the families cannot only access Charlie House activities, but also go shopping, meet friends and enjoy time together as a family without having to worry about how or where they will change their child.

“This city centre space has become a reality thanks to funding from Spifox, for which we are extremely grateful, and to Bon Accord Aberdeen for their support in making ReCHarge Cafe a reality.”


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