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Greener Kirkcaldy’s Community Fridge has been hailed as a success, with over 350 people using the free service since it was launched in May.

It is located at Greener Kirkcaldy’s hub in East Fergus Place, Kirkcaldy. It was set up to reduce food waste and is available for anyone in the community to use.

The charity receives donations for the fridge from local businesses, organisations and individuals, of surplus food that is still within its sell by date and still good to eat. Members of the the public are welcome to go to Greener Kirkcaldy to receive and donate food.

The initiative is supported by the environmental charity Hubbub and enabled by a grant from the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund (CCF).

According to the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) it is estimated that each household in Scotland wastes £430 of food per household, or £550 for a family with children every year with at least £18 million of food thrown away nationwide that is still in date.

Lauren Parry, senior development worker at Greener Kirkcaldy said: “We have been receiving food from Asda, Aldi, Lidl and the Co-op, we get a lot of fruit and vegetables and they go within minutes. We pick them up at about 10am and we find that they are all gone by lunchtime. It’s very popular.

“We get a lot of bread and baked goods from Asda and Aldi as well so we find they are quite valuable to the people who come in to use the fridge.”




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