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Support is on hand for women who have been mentally or physically abused in Fife.

For Sally and Janet Enterprises (SAJE) was founded in 2014 with a £500,000 Big Lottery grant, to help ensure local women were not isolated.

A second Big Lottery grant of £171,905 was awarded to the group in June to ensure its services could continue for a further two years.

Initially, the charity was run by Sally Sinclair and Janet Henderson, who had worked for Women’s Aid and saw a gap in the market to help women who had experienced domestic abuse.

Due to ill health, Sally had to take a back seat but Janet remained at the helm and has expanded on its services.

SAJE’s aim remains the same today as it was in 2014.

Janet (57) said: “We enable women to fully understand and acknowledge the range of abuse they have been, or are currently, living with.

“We help them understand the impact and devastation it has on all areas of their lives and, often, their children’s lives.

“We don’t overlap with Women’s Aid in terms of the services provided but we refer to them and they to us.

“Our aim is to take away the shame that many women feel – they wrongly feel they let it happen to them or that they were somehow weak.

“We put the blame where it belongs, on the perpetrator of the abuse.”

To achieve that, SAJE offers women a 12-week Freedom Programme, which begins at the start of every school term in towns across the Kingdom.



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