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As the school bell tolls for thousands of Fife youngsters returning to class, a Fife holiday pilot to combat poverty has had an extra benefit – curbing social isolation.

Following a successful initiative run over the Easter holidays in a limited number of places, Fife Council expanded Café Inc across the kingdom for the summer break.

Having supplied more than 7,000 meals at Easter, the scheme provided a free lunch for children and young people, parents and families as part of its aim to reduce poverty.

While more than 9,000 free school meals are provided across Fife, the local authority knew there was often pressure on families in the holidays.

For Leanne the days can stretch out and isolation becomes a problem.

“This is a social thing – Hallie loves it here and it is good just to be out. We come here and it is braw to be with everybody else.”

Praising Fife Council for expanding the Easter pilot, she said initially the fear of the stigma of receiving food could have been off putting but it should not.

“I didn’t want to go because I can feed my bairns. But it is the social part that is important to us all.”


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