Diversity Week Fife aims to work in partnership with a range of local organisations and groups to celebrate the vibrancy and diversity of life in Fife.

We’re halfway through Diversity Week Fife! There was lots on yesterday, with the Deaf Communication Service hosting a Healthy Hearing Pop-Up Session, Delivering Differently had 2 volunteer information sessions for their Team Experience group and upcoming Peer to Peer service. Re-Employ also had their open day, showcasing the work that was done by the team of volunteers.

For today (Wed 03 Sep 2019) we have:

The FCE Annual Conference will be taking place this Thursday, where we will be launching our latest guidance; “Embracing Differences” – a practical guide to avoiding and managing conflict under the Equality Act 2010. There are a number of speakers including Yvonne Strachan CBE, Former Deputy Director of Scottish Government, Naomi McAuliffe, Scotland Programme Director, Amnesty International and Mike Enston, Executive Director – Communities, Fife Council. Find out more here.

Take a look at our Diversity Week Calendar below:

Read more at: centreforequalities.org.uk/diversity-week-fife-2019

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