Diversity Week Fife aims to work in partnership with a range of local organisations and groups to celebrate the vibrancy and diversity of life in Fife.

Yesterday was our Annual Conference, a huge thank you to our speakers, workshop leaders, stallholders and attendees! There was also another Delivering Differently Volunteer Information Session alongside the Kirkcaldy Hard of Hearing Group with the Deaf Communication Service.
This weekend there will be a drop-in session with Fife Interfaith Group at the Mercat in Kirkcaldy! Make sure to come along and learn more about Interfaith and the range of organisations working in Fife.
The Scottish Stammering Network have a Local Support Group taking place this Saturday at the Dean Park Hotel in Kirkcaldy, aiming to empower and support those with a stammer.
And on Sunday at Seafield Beach there will be a beach cleanup, with a historic walk along the beach. Make sure to check the calendar for timings etc.!

For today (Fri 05 Sep 2019) we have:

Take a look at our Diversity Week Calendar below:

Read more at: centreforequalities.org.uk/diversity-week-fife-2019

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