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A GLASGOW-BASED manufacturer of accessible vehicles has been working with a leading German broadcaster and a tour operator on an initiative that supports disabled tourism in Scotland.

Allied Vehicles Group teamed up with TV company ZDF and Schottland fuer Alle (Scotland for All) to showcase how accessible Scotland is for people with disabilities.

ZDF has filmed across the country at venues ranging from Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Yacht Britannia, to Glencoe and Dunrobin Castle.

Its resulting footage has just been aired on German national television.

The film praises Scotland’s progress in relation to the UN Disability Inclusion Strategy and finds that the country is well adapted to meet the needs of disabled people.

Even places like Edinburgh Castle are widely accessible, and elsewhere pragmatic solutions are employed to help guarantee access – either in the


The Scots themselves are also praised for their “super-friendly” attitude and their awareness of disability.

Allied’s role in the film project was to supply Schottland fuer Alle with a specially adapted vehicle. Then, as part of the tour, the ZDF crew joined a guest and her companion to show how the correct vehicle can make many more things possible for tourists with disabilities.

Rebecca Bridges, rentals manager for Allied, said: “As a company, we are all about getting people to places that they may otherwise not be able to go and see.

“Tour operators are bringing us in to help because they see the value in having a specialist vehicle supplier that really knows about vehicle adaptations for disability from the consumer’s point of view.



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