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Members of the public are being urged to seek out opportunities in their neighbourhoods to shape a community-led future.

New relationships have been built in Templehall, Linktown and Invertiel, Gallatown and the Castle area of Burntisland thanks to targetted resources, which have led to local initiatives being delivered from playparks and allotments to health clubs and family participation.

Now there’s a fresh call to locals to engage in what is termed Neighbourhood Development Plans in these areas, with a new Plan 4 Kirkcaldy Area to work towards.

Councillor Neil Crooks, convenor of Kirkcaldy area committee, said update reports on neighbourhood development plans are presented to the committee every six months.

“These initiatives are fashioned by the people who live there and have a much more meaningful and positive impact as a result.

“Doing things ‘to’ people is in the past and doing things ‘with’ people is very much how we want to work.

“There are local groups, local clubs, tenants and residents groups, council services, emergency services and NHS services all working in partnership around you to offer help and advice and make it easy to engage.

“The partnerships that drive change in these neighbourhoods are good at being responsive to local concerns.

Cllr Crooks added: “Communities change over time and, although we are lucky enough to already have some fantastic community activists, fresh perspectives and new ideas are always welcome.



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