Congratulations to the Kingdom Group for achieving the Bronze level of the Equality Pathfinders Award.

The Equality Pathfinders Award is a recognition scheme unique to Fife that
recognises and showcases the efforts made by private, public and third sector
organisations in furthering equality, diversity and inclusion as part of their day-to-day
policies and practices.

The Equality Pathfinders is a capacity building programme created and delivered by
Fife Centre for Equalities.

At the core, it is a local equality recognition scheme designed to be non-competitive,
inclusive and readily achievable by organisations of any size or sector in Fife. The
award is free, voluntary and non-competitive.

Organisations signing up to the programme choose to lead the way in making Fife a
fair, equal and inclusive place to live, work and study. The learning and development
programme is based on FCE’s approach of mainstreaming equality and integrated
services for all the protected characteristics of the Equality Act 2010.

This provides participating organisations the foundation to develop their own fair and
inclusive practices based on equality and human rights principles. Each level of the
award is structured so as to build on the achievement of the previous level and
requires participants to demonstrate a more significant and sustainable contribution
to promoting Equality and Diversity.

There are currently three levels of the award being delivered:

Bronze – demonstrating compliance with the Equality Act 2010

Silver – demonstrating and evidencing positive action

Gold – demonstrating, evidencing and sustaining good equality practice

To achieve the Bronze Award, Kingdom Group have supported staff from across
the group (Kingdom Housing Association, Kingdom Initiatives, Kingdom Support and
Care) through equality and diversity training, are undertaking an assessment of theirequality and diversity policies and have pledged to:

• actively promote Equality and Diversity
• actively challenge discrimination
• adopt inclusive practices and help make Fife fairer
• adopt the Living Wage, Flexible Work and Equal Pay

Bill Banks, Kingdom Group Chief Executive said,
• “We’re delighted to receive the Bronze Equality Pathfinders Award from Fife Centre for Equalities. As an organisation, one of our strategic goals is to be an Employer of Choice and being recognised formally like this demonstrates our commitment to challenging discrimination, promoting equality and diversity and cultivating an environment where our people feel safe, secure and valued.”
• Bill added, “The Bronze Award is just the start for us. The Kingdom Group will be working towards the Silver Award and I’d wholeheartedly recommend other organisations in Fife, whatever their size, join us in pledging their support as Equality Pathfinders.”

Nina Munday, Fife Centre for Equalities Manager, said:
• “We are delighted that the entire workforce of Kingdom Group has undergone the first level of the Pathfinder training programme. We commend the commitment from their leadership to ensure that their services are delivered in a fair and inclusive manner, guided by equality and human rights principles”.
• Nina added, “We are really appreciative of the time given by Andrew Smith, Learning and Development Officer at Kingdom Group and Elric Honoré, Development Officer at Fife Centre for Equalities in coordinating this programme”.

Kingdom Group is the latest participating organisation in Fife gaining the Bronze Award and several other organisations are currently taking part in the local recognition scheme.
Find out more information about the Equality Pathfinders Award and how to take part at: and follow the hashtag at: #equalitypathfinders.



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