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The Scottish Parliament has agreed to a ban on pavement parking across the whole of the country.

The Transport (Scotland) Bill passed its third and final stage in Holyrood last Thursday following a debate and will soon be enforced.

Included within the act of parliament is a Scotland-wide ban on parking vehicles on footways.

Campaigners say the legislation will end the suffering of wheelchair-users, parents with prams, cyclists and others, and keep pathways free from damage by vehicles.

What else does the bill cover?

The Transport (Scotland) Bill will also prohibit double parking, allow for the provision of low emission zones and implement measures which will allow councils to improve local bus services.

The Scottish Government says the bill will herald in a cleaner and more accessible transport network across the country in light of the climate emergency.


When will the new legislation come into effect?

There is no timeline set for when the pavement parking ban will come into effect.

Following an initial four-week period which gives the opportunity for the legislation to be challenged, it will be submitted for Royal Assent.

This requires a signature from the Queen, which is out of Holyrood’s hands.

Once this final stage in the process has passed, the bill will become an act of the Scottish Parliament.

After this an implementation timetable would then begin for the new legislation.







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