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The family of a disabled Fife pensioner, who has to rely on a “fireman’s lift” up and down two flights of stairs just to get access her home, have made a last-ditch bid to get her rehoused.

Tracey Kerwin, whose mother, Janet Fotheringham, has lived in a council flat in Gilfillan Road, Dunfermline for more than 40 years, posted on social media the shocking image of her mother being carried over a man’s shoulder in a drastic attempt to end a two-year stalemate with housing officers.

“It’s utterly heartbreaking to see my mum having to go through this,” said, daughter Tracey Kerwin.

“My mum no longer has the strength in her legs to climb the 16 steps up to her home, which has made her a prisoner in her own home.

“Until my son moved into the property to help get her up and down the stairs and care for her, there have been times when she has been unable to leave home for three or four weeks at a time.

“Her lack of mobility now means that she is no longer able to have a shower, which my mum is finding particularly upsetting.”

Tracey said they had finally got the offer of a ground floor flat in the Townhill area of Dunfermline, only for it to be rejected after they had visited it as it was deemed unsuitable because the bathroom needed to be adapted.

“This has been going too long and the mental stress it’s now beginning to take its toll.

“My mum is so distraught and now fears she’ll die before being found a new home.

“No one should have to see their loved one go through that torment that’s why posting up the picture of my mum on Twitter was the last resort in trying to get this sorted once and for all.”



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