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Scotland is facing a looming adoption crisis, with people being put off by “myths” about their eligibility, the director of an adoption charity has revealed.

The number of people coming forward to look after a child has dropped by more than 16 per cent in just one year.

Speaking at the launch of Adoption Week Scotland 2019, Stephen Small, director of the St Andrew’s Children’s Society, said he wanted to “put the record straight” by dispelling inaccurate views.

These include the myths that people cannot adopt if they are single; in a relationship but not married; if they are part of the LGBT+ community; if they already have children; do not own their own home or have a disability or health issue.

The Edinburgh-based charity, which earlier this year targeted Scotland’s LGBT nightclubs to boost the number of gay and single adopters, has released figures from the National Registers of Scotland which show there were 543 adoptions in Scotland in 2017, with 359 made by people who had no relation to the child.

In 2018 there were only 471 adoptions, with only 301 made by people who were not related to the youngster.

Mr Small said more needed to be done to help vulnerable children and he wanted to get across the message that “yes, you can adopt”.


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