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With so much to see and do across the country on 30 November, we round up a few of the events and charitable causes we’re most excited about this year

As the rest of the world gears up for the consumerist feeding frenzy that is Black Friday, there is a different song to be sung here in Scotland, as community groups and creative minds throughout the nation prepare for St Andrew’s Fair Saturday.

Taking place on the last Saturday of November each year, Fair Saturday originated in the Spanish city of Bilbao as a multi-arts movement that aims to promote empathy and togetherness in the face of growing isolation and xenophobia. Since its first edition in 2015, the movement has quickly spread across the world, and Scotland became the first to participate as a nation in 2018, tying it with the annual celebration of Scotland’s patron saint.

In cities and towns across the world, artists and cultural bodies will host concerts, events and workshops in support of a social cause close to their heart, whether it be a refugee charity or a local hospice. Last year, over a million euros were raised by over 10,000 organisers in 180 cities.

As St Andrew’s Fair Saturday is (unfortunately) only one day a year, and with such a diverse, exciting programme ahead, some difficult choices will need to be made. To help you in the decision-making process, we’re here to shout about a few of the events that we’re most keen to check out this year.



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