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Men are paid more than women for working overtime – and the gap is widening.

Today, on November 14, women effectively stop earning for the rest of the year compared to men, our analysis of official figures has revealed that women in Scotland earn £38.00 less per week than men when they work overtime.

The figures, from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), show that women working overtime in our country earned on average £32.00 per week, compared to £70.00 earned on average by men in 2019.

The gap was up from a difference of £32.00 in 2018 (when women working overtime earned £37.00 per week and men £69.00).

It is also the largest overtime pay gap since 2008.

Overall, men earn 14.3 per cent more an hour than women in our country, but this does not include overtime because it can skew the results.

This because men work relatively more overtime than women.

In fact, in 2019, men worked 4.1 overtime hours a week – earning £569.20, compared to 2.6 hours worked by women – earning £395.30.

Looking at the UK as a whole, women earn an average of £34.80 less per week than men when they work overtime in 2019 in the UK.
That’s a smaller gap than in 2018, when women earned £35.60 a week less.

However, it’s still higher than in 2017, when the overtime pay gap was £32.90 a week.

Overall, women in full-time jobs earned 8.9% less than men, up from 8.6%.


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