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A new anti-poverty group in Levenmouth has secured funding.

The Welfare Reform Anti Poverty (WRAP) group has been given more than £72,000 by Levenmouth area committee.

The consortium will be made up of a partnership from Castle Furniture, Cosy Kingdom, People’s Pantry, Levenmouth Foodbank, Kingdom Banking and Clued Up.

It will collaborate to provide a local response to the high levels of poverty and the impacts it has on families in the area.

The pilot will take a holistic approach to improving health and well-being, through areas such as physical activity and health checks, increasing personal confidence and self-esteem through the provision of “hygiene packs”, and maximising income through access and support through the credit union and community banking sectors.

Councillor David Alexander said: “It’s a co-ordinated approach, and that’s what we need, beyond a shadow of a doubt.”

The group’s aims were also outlined to members.

Robert Graham, Fife Council’s community development manager, said: “We recognise we need to do this holistically and not just look at any one theme. We need to look at how people recover and build resilience. The aim would be to have people self sustaining, and not needing supported at all.”


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