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Scotland’s first addictions service treating patients with pharmaceutical grade heroin has been unveiled in Glasgow.

The pioneering Enhanced Drug Treatment Service (EDTS) will treat patients with the most severe, long-standing and complex addictions issues.

The EDTS will focus on people whose addictions impact most severely on their own health, as well as on their communities, public services and the city centre.

It is aimed at people whose addiction persists, even after they have received conventional treatment and care services, which can include methadone, support from community addictions services and residential rehabilitation.

Glasgow’s Health & Social Care Partnership’s (GCHSCP) new service aims to help save lives by reducing the risk of overdoses and the spread of blood borne viruses such as HIV. It will also help reduce public injecting by those receiving this treatment.

The new £1.2million facility is licensed by the Home Office and based in Glasgow’s city centre alongside existing homelessness health services. Patients will not only receive treatment for their physical health, including any infections, wounds or abscesses, there will also be a holistic assessment of their social, legal and psychological needs. They will then be helped to access other GCHSCP services to tackle any other problems highlighted.

The new service will operate between 9am and 5pm daily, and will be delivered by a specialist multi-disciplinary team, supported by other health and social care services.

Independent evaluation will be carried out on the pilot project which is expected to treat up to 20 patients in its first year and up to 40 patients in year two.

Patients must be totally committed to the treatment and will have to attend the centre twice a day, seven days a week. Injectable opiate (or heroin assisted) treatment will only be available to patients who are already involved with Glasgow’s Homeless Addiction Team. People’s suitability for the treatment will be assessed and those who meet the criteria will receive a prescription for pharmaceutical grade diamorphine injections.



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