Sky Dunfermline is taking on the challenge to improve the diversity of their workforce ensuring their recruitment practices are more inclusive.

Sky Dunfermline are currently taking part in the Equality Pathfinder Award Scheme run by Fife Centre for Equalities as part of their move towards becoming a more inclusive business.

The team successfully completed their Bronze Award last Thursday after reviewing Equality and Diversity policies, learning about equality legislation, unconscious bias and pledging to adopt inclusive practices.


Supported by Fife Centre for Equalities, the team will be moving towards gaining their Silver Pathfinder Award by participating in a pilot project funded by the Workplace Equality fund.

Their first challenge will be to look at how they can encourage people from minority groups to apply for jobs to enhance their workforce fulfilling their pledge to deliver renewed Equality and Diversity initiatives and have a workforce that better reflects the diverse population of Fife.

Siobhan Husband, Operations Manager at Dunfermline Service said,

We are proud to  receive the Bronze Equality Pathfinders Award from Fife Centre for Equalities. Sky’s inclusion vision is to value diverse ideas and backgrounds and for our people to be able to bring their whole self to work. Being recognised formally like this demonstrates our commitment to promoting equality and diversity and cultivating an environment where our people are respected, appreciated and valued. We are now working towards the Silver Award,  and I highly recommend other organisations in Fife, join us in pledging their support as Equality Pathfinders.”

Nina Munday, Fife Centre for Equalities Manager, said:

“Sky Dunfermline is the largest private sector organisation currently taking part in our local equality recognition and is an excellent example of how the private sector is taking on the challenge to be more inclusive. After successfully securing funding from the Scottish Government Workplace Equality Fund, we are looking forward to supporting Sky to become a more inclusive employer and will assist them to achieve their goal to have equality and diversity embedded into their policies and practice.”

The Equality Pathfinders Award is designed to be non-competitive, inclusive and readily achievable by organisations of any size or sector in Fife.

The training programme is based on Fife Centre for Equalities’ approach to mainstream equality and integrate services for all the protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010.

Participating organisations learn and develop by taking up ‘Equality Challenges’ they identify themselves.

This enables organisations to develop their own fair and inclusive practices based on equality and human rights principles.

There are three levels of the award each allowing organisations to map their progress and celebrate their journey to becoming more inclusive. It’s a bonus for funding applications too, giving a clear demonstration about an organisation’s commitment to equality and diversity

Levels of the Award

  • Bronze – demonstrating compliance with the Equality Act 2010
  • Silver – demonstrating and evidencing positive action
  • Gold – demonstrating, evidencing and sustaining good equality practice

For more information or if your organisation is interested to take part, visit: