I’m currently a 2nd-year student at Dundee University studying Community Education. During this course, I had a 70-day placement to complete 3 pieces of work, and I was lucky to have received my placement at Fife Centre for Equalities.  

When I first arrived at Fife Centre for Equalities I was introduced to the team and given an induction to the work they carry out. This opened my eyes to what the organisation had achieved and the amount of work and support they provide Fife. Before this, I wasn’t aware of how busy the team was and how much work they do to help people in Fife.  

FWIP Talk about US

The first piece of work I carried out was organising sessions for Fife Women and Inclusion in Politics. During this, I learned valuable skills like booking a venue, organising an event, how to promote, and evaluation techniques. I really enjoyed this as it was something I had never done before and I felt very supported throughout the whole process. During these events I was taught a lot about politics in a broader sense, for example: I wasn’t aware of how politics affects every aspect of your day to day life and how you can make small changes through politics rather than it all being focused on parliament. I also learned about the general election that was coming up, as I was able to participate in the Equality Hustings that Fife Centre for Equality hosted with local candidates. This has really opened my eyes to politics.  

kha training final session

My second piece of work is working with the team to deliver Equality Pathfinders training. This has broadened my understanding of the Equalities Act 2010 and all it entails. I now understand more about discrimination, protected characteristics and how to support a more equal society which is something I can carry forward in my everyday life as well as in my future practice.  This piece of work also required me to stand in front of a group and deliver which helped me grow in confidence.  

My final piece of work was to create a guidance around the concept of Shared Space. This was completely out of my comfort zone but allowed me to work on my weaknesses. This was the largest piece of personal growth I had achieved as I was able to learn how to carry out research and made me aware of all that is available for mental health in Scotland. It also allowed me the opportunity to write a guidance piece. This was something new to me and was a bit daunting, however, thanks to the encouragement from Fife Centre for Equalities Staff I was able to create the guidance.  

To conclude, the time I have spent at Fife Centre for Equalities has helped me grow, not only professionally but personally as well. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with Fife Centre for Equalities and have gained a deeper understanding of equality.