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A package of items designed to give former homeless people a fresh start in their first accommodation has been made available.

The unique home starter pack has been devised by Auchmuty and Dovecot Tenants and Residents group in Glenrothes to help those coming out of homelessness by providing them with a range of basic items.

A duvet, bedding, kettle, cooking and kitchen utensils and a range of other items are provided for the initial steps back into the community.

Alex Thomson, secretary of the group, said the packs were an addition to the extensive network of support already provided to those most vulnerable in society.

He said: “We’ve found that a lot of those being rehoused come from difficult situations and experiences and have absolutely nothing when they move in.

“Most don’t even have the very basics to survive, like a kettle or knives, forks or spoons, so these packs are designed to get them over that first hurdle.”

One recipient, who asked not to be identified, said she would not have been able to survive without the pack.

“I was so grateful to get a place to live but when I moved in I had nothing, not even a knife and fork, to my name.

“Most people wouldn’t think twice about such mundane things as plates or cups but when you don’t even have those, it’s a big deal.

“So to have the tenant’s group give you that basic level of help, it really does make a huge difference. I’m the proof of that.”

With £5,000 of funding for the packs coming from Fife Council’s Universal Challenge initiative, Donna Hancock, group treasurer, said it has already allowed them to help dozens of people since the packs were launched in December.



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