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Scotland has experienced one of the biggest falls in among developed countries in the latest index of social and economic wellbeing, it has emerged.

The country fell five places into the bottom half of nations cross a range of measures including income, education, longevity and inclusivity. Only Wales saw a similarly steep fall in the figures published today.

It has prompted questions about the “shortcomings” of devolution and whether changes are now needed in “still young” system north of the border.

Eastern European countries like Estonia, which has moved above Scotland, and the Czech Republic saw significant increases in their performance.
Professor John McLaren of the Scottish Trends website said the Scottish Parliament may have to adopt a more “radical” approach to address well-being.

“The Index highlights shortcomings in improving key Scottish objectives, like improving health and education standards, when compared to the progress made in other countries,”

“Next months budget provides another opportunity to start to better address issues such as poverty, social care, mental health, equality and climate change. This will be challenging given the pressure to, once again, divert most of the funding increase into boosting the NHS budget.
“At present, the willingness across the Scottish Parliament to be radical enough to seriously reorient current spending patterns seems thin on the ground but without such profound changes then improvements in key aspects of the quality of life may fail to emerge over the next twenty years of devolution.”




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