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More than a third of EU nationals living in Scotland have yet to apply for permanent residency through the UK Government’s settled status scheme, according to official figures.

The Home Office said there was still “plenty of time” to apply before next year’s deadline.

Holyrood migration minister Ben Macpherson said EU citizens in Scotland had been “forced to live with unacceptable levels of uncertainty about how Brexit will affect their lives, their careers and their families”.

There are an estimated 237,000 citizens of other member states living north of the Border. Home Office statistics show, that as of December 31 last year, 135,800 had applied for the right to remain once the UK leaves the EU on Friday.

Campaigners have criticised the scheme as being unnecessarily awkward for applicants. But the Home Office insisted support was on offer to help those who wanted to apply.

The scheme processes the applications of EU citizens currently living in the UK to allow them to remain in the UK after Brexit.

Anyone currently living in the UK who is an EU citizen will have to apply by June 30 in order to be allowed to stay in the country.

Successful applicants will be given either settled or pre-settled status.

A spokeswoman for The 3 Million, which campaigns on behalf of EU citizens living in the Uk, said: “EU citizens living in the UK were promised by now Prime Minister Boris Johnson that there will be no change for them and that they will automatically be granted indefinite leave to remain in the UK.

“This promise was broken – EU citizens do not automatically get their new status, they have to apply to stay in their homes.



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