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124 railway stations across Great Britain will receive a total of 20 million GBP (23.7 million euros | 25.9 million USD) in funding to improve accessibility.

Accessibility measures include new lifts, accessible toilets and customer information screens. This funding announcement comes after the launch of a new campaign to improve public transport journeys for disabled passengers. The funding comes through the Access for All programme.

Grant Shapps, Transport Secretary, said:

“The ability to travel easily from A to B is an essential factor for our day to day lives – but is not the reality for everyone.

“I recognise that we have much more to do, which is why we’re making 124 train stations across the country more accessible – a key part of levelling-up access for disabled people to transport and opening up opportunities for all.

“This is just the start of a much more ambitious agenda. My goal is to go much further in the years ahead to help ensure that our country’s transport system becomes one of the most accessible in the world.”


The Access for All programme launched in 2006. Since then it has made more than 200 stations step-free. It has further enabled smaller-scale accessibility improvements at more than 1,500 additional stations.

The 20 million GBP funding is part of a 300 million GBP (355 million euros | 388 million USD) package announced last year by the British government.



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