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POLICE have launched a crackdown on hate crime against people with disabilities.

Officers are urging any local resident who has experienced hatred as a result of their disability to report it, so that action can be taken against those responsible.

And, in a bid to help get the message across that such crimes will not be tolerated, a campaign – dubbed #DontTolerateHate – is being staged, supported by disability charity I Am Me Scotland.

Assistant Chief Constable Gary Ritchie, Police Scotland’s strategic lead for partnerships, prevention and community wellbeing, said: “Disability hate crime is never acceptable.

“It is deplorable for anyone to be targeted because of any kind of disability. Sadly, it’s happening day in and day out but people should never just accept it as a part of life.

“Our message to everyone – whether they’ve been a victim of hate crime or witnessed it – is ‘don’t tolerate hate.’

“Please report this kind of behaviour. It is crucial everyone plays their part in stamping out this kind of insidious victimisation and helps us bring offenders to justice.

“We understand it can be difficult for people to speak to the police about an emotional issue like this but we will help and support you in any way we can throughout the entire process.

“Anyone reporting disability hate crime will be treated sympathetically, taken seriously and their experience will be thoroughly investigated.”

Eileen MacLean, chair of I Am Me Scotland, added: “We are pleased to support the new disability hate crime campaign.

“It is vital that people report incidents to police.”

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