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HOME care services for some of Glasgow’s most vulnerable have been slashed by 60% as the city faces a crisis as a result of staff absence in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership which covers the city is moving to Priority 1 cover for all areas – which will hit older people requiring personal care.

More than 5,500 elderly or disabled people in Glasgow receive a home care service.

It is believed that Priority 1 covers those at the highest risk and would include those with the most essential palliative care needs.

Gordon Bryan, head of care services at Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership, in a circular has said that the new action plan needs to be implemented with “immediate effect” as home care had experienced “unprecedented increases in staff absence against only a minimal reduction in service demand”.

The council said it had moved to implement a “critical care” service all over the city while resources are prioritised to cope with the coronavirus crisis.

It means certain categories of care will still be delivered while others will not receive the same service as before. The council said families have been contacted to inform them of the changes to ensure people are still supported through the critical care period.

The council said those who will still receive the same level of care include those on managed medication, stoma care, complex mobility issue, advanced dementia, peg feeding, no family support or carer support, receiving bed care, all service users in receipt of overnight home care.


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