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An LGBT+ charity has said it has seen a huge increase in the number of calls to its helpline since the coronavirus pandemic started.

The UK-based LGBT Foundation said the number of calls received over the last week was more than double the number received in the same period last year.

Worryingly, the charity said countless LGBT+ people are seeking support as they are stuck self-isolating with abusive family and partners.

They also warned that self-isolation means many queer people have been forced back into the closet, while many more have faced severe financial issues due to the pandemic’s economic fallout.

Many LGBT+ people are trapped self-isolating with abusive families and partners during the coronavirus pandemic.

Over a five day period this week, the LGBT Foundation received its highest number of weekly calls to its helpline since the beginning of the year. The organisation said many queer people are experiencing “severe anxiety and concern” over the coronavirus pandemic.

Furthermore, the charity said they are anticipating call volumes to increase again after the UK went into full lockdown this week.

We’ve had people ringing up because they’re concerned about the effect COVID-19 would have on existing health issues.

The helpline, which is currently operating remotely, will soon see opening hours extended into evenings and weekends in order to offer the best care for LGBT+ people who are struggling.

Kayla Le Roux, a staff member on the LGBT Foundation’s helpline, said the huge number of people contacting them shows how difficult a time this is for queer people.


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