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Supporting the NHS and local communities.

More than 21,000 people have signed up to volunteer during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic through the new ‘Scotland Cares’ campaign.

The volunteers offered their support through the Ready Scotland website which launched this morning. Over 8,000 people have offered to support local public services through the Red Cross and over 11,000 more through working with existing charities and groups via Volunteer Scotland.

In addition nearly 2,000 people have used the recruitment portal – also accessible through Ready Scotland – to indicate that they have the relevant skills and qualifications to work in our NHS. This takes the total numbers of students and retired health and social care workers who have expressed an interest to nearly 6,000.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said:

“I want to thank each and every person who has registered an interest in the Scotland Cares campaign – the offer of support at this critical time is invaluable. As well as enabling medical students and former health staff to help the NHS, it also encourages people to help their communities across Scotland.

“The response we have had to this call for applications is indicative I think of a wider point – many people across Scotland are responding to this difficult period by showing a sense of community and solidarity.”

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