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An organisation that supports people with autism across the north-east of Scotland is marking World Autism Awareness Day today by highlighting the services available to those on the spectrum in order to help them better cope with the coronavirus pandemic.

The Grampian Autistic Society works year-round to assist people with autism, as well as their families and friends, and help them deal with the challenges posed by daily life.

However, with daily life completely changed due to the disruption caused by Covid-19, people with autism are facing even more difficulties than usual, according to one of the society’s directors Gary Wade.

Mr Wade said: “With autism, something that’s really needed is repetition.

“With this lockdown, it’s knocked everything off-kilter, as no two days can be the same.

“For example, even going shopping can be trouble.

“Going during the vulnerable shopping period can be a problem, as it’s an invisible disability, and during busier periods it can make sensory issues go off the scale.”

Mr Wade is now appealing for people with autism and those that care for them to make sure they know what support services are available.

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